Top 5 dhakai jamdani saree pictures featuring trendy designs and colors

Jamdani sarees are enriched in various colors and designs based on different regions of weaving. Every different regions that produces jamdani sarees offers different quality of colors, weaving skills, design work and crafting. Considering the origin of jamdani saree, Nrayangang considered as the birth place of jamdani sarees. Dhakai jamdani sarees are called as the most authentic jamdani sarees among all other categories of jamdani. Dhakai jamdani sarees take almost more than nine months, sometimes a year to be woven. The design of dhakai jamdani sarees is wide and elaborated in the pattern, place multi-colored floral motifs all over the body and border of the sarees. Here we tend to give a close look into the beauty of dhakai jamdani sarees using dhakai jamdani saree pictures presenting different colors and design.  

Among the patterns and designs are used to decorate dhakai jamdani sarees there is a design called mango motif is seen very commonly on dhakai jamdani sarees which indicates development and marital bliss. Jamdani sarees are made of finest muslin cotton and considered as the most artistic and elegant as well as costly category of jamdani sarees. Because of fine muslin cotton dhakai jamdani sarees are very soft, light and airy. The iconic dhakai jamdani sarees signature design is identified by large motif floral work on transparent fine cotton surface.

Why dhakai jamdani sarees are losing its popularity?

In this modern age dhakai jamdani sarees are rapidly losing its old reputation because of other regional jamdani sarees to be called as dhakai jamdani saree and get sold to customers in the place of dhakai jamdani sarees. As a result the normal category or other regional jamdani sarees are recognized as dhakai jamdani saree to the new users of jamdnai sarees and persons who never have seen dhakai jamdani sarees earlir. But there is a huge difference in the design and fabric quality of other regional jamdani sarees comparing to the dhakai jamdani sarees. Normally a simple jamdani saree made of pure cotton takes around 5 – 7 days when an authentic dhakai jamdani saree takes almost 9 months to 1 year in a row depending on design variation. Simple cotton made faded colored jamdnai sarees price start from 2,000 tk. and a dhakai jamdani saree price is around 4,000 to 20,000 tk. Many weavers have stated that traders sell normal jamdnai sarees in the name of dhakai jamdani saree by importing jamdani sarees from india and sometimes get weaved in Tangail and Rajshahi regions of Bangladesh. Due to the weaving length of time and quality of craft of dhakai jamdani saree deserves little bit high rate of price to buy, traders tend to buy dhakai jamdani sarees less interested than importing simply weaved jamdani sarees from india.

Here we have tried to give our audience a clear idea on dhakai jamdani saree using different dhakai jamdani saree pictures from our collections.

  1. Red and yellow cotton jamdani saree:

This finely weaved with fine cotton dhakai jamdani decorated by red and yellow color and having golden decoration all over the pallu gives a traditional jamdani saree look can be a great collection for the upcoming pohela boishakh festival. In occation like holud this can be a perfect attire. This is one of the finest traditional dhakai jamdani saree.

exclusive jamdani sarees
  • Navy blue cotton jamdani saree:

This is another gorgeous dhakai jamdani saree highly recommended to wear on formal occasions and for corporate look. In evening parties this types of jamdani sarees are perfect choice to give a women most stunning look.

Navy Blue Cotton Jamdani Saree
  • Pink and white cotton jamdani saree:

This pink cotton made jamdani saree with heavy pallu is decorated with white motifs and the border decorated with leaf and displays white-green floral buti work on all over the body. For charming look wear on traditional parties or cultural festivals. This sweet eye catching color of dhakai jamdani saree is definitely going to attract every single women’s heart.

Pink and white cotton jamdani saree
  • Black body with red and green combination jamdani saree:

This saree is offering a deep black, red, slightly white and green combination, is perfect for any evening occasion. This gorgeous black jamdani saree enriched with floral dots along with kolki multi colored border and multicolored motif designed pallu gives a stunning look.

gorgeous dhakai jamdani saree
  • Sky Blue cotton dhakai jamdani saree:

Another finest dhakai cotton jamdani saree in sky blue color having same base color and rich floral motif of same color all over the body. Gives an elegant look and soothing color keeps eyes stuck on the sareee. For a fresh alive look this jamdani saree is the best attire.

Jamdani Saree Collection

To identify dhakai jamdani saree these dhakai jamdani saree pictures can be of great help for you. We hope you will never get misled by other quality of jamdani sarees in the name of dhakai jamdani. Another best option to get authentic dhakai jamdani sarees to visit physically jamdani weavers or jamdnai polli where jamdani weavers come to sell weaved products directly.

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