Where to find out lowest rate of jamdani saree price in dhaka Bangladesh?

The first day of Bengali New Year, known as pohela boishakh, is one of the mainstream cultural festivals of Bangladesh considered as a prime season for conducting business every year. Right before this festival, the demand of sarees like jamdani, tangail or other handloom sarees increases so high. During the time of occasions, jamdani saree is considered as one of the most demanded attires, as a result rate of jamdani saree price in dhaka becomes high. Since the handloom industry of Bangladesh has always been significant for rich design and quality. This industry also represents our country with cultural significance and so far has contributed in boosting up national GDP by increasing employment in rural regions of Bangladesh and earnings of profit by exporting handmade textiles globally. The production and maintenance cost of handloom business is very cheap and get neglected more comparatively to other industries in Bangladesh. There are many countries those are representing their cultural heritage worldwide by exporting handmade products and selling it in term of trade. One of our neighboring countries, India is representing their traditional handloom products and fabrics at large to promote their cultural heritage globally. Their jamdani saree is as popular as Bangladeshi jamdani sarees, when dhakai jamdani saree have already been recognized as world famous fabric and finest muslin of all time. But Bangladesh is still earning less profit by exporting jamdani saree in comparison to India.

The main reason behind this scenario is less advocacy provided in progressing the condition of jamdani weavers and promoting dhakai jamdani saree industry at large. As a result weavers are getting ill-treated considering their skill and labor, proper export and generation of profit from this industry are not made as per the potentiality it has. Earlier many jamdani weavers had left this work as lack of proper investment, cost of raw materials and finally getting least profit from the buyers. 

Jamdani saree price in dhaka is comparatively high in urban areas. But if you buy from narayangang then the price will be cheaper. To explore rich saree collection at lowest price one can visit kidomen.com, rich in ethnic collections with a variety of fine designs and fabrics. The price range of sarees from a shopping mall like bashundhara or jamuna future park is very high. On the other hand, different online shops are also offering sarees at high price. Comparatively, from this online shop one will find fine texture of fabric and design of sarees, reasonable at price and huge in collections. Apart from jamdani sarees, it has collections of other handmade sarees like tangail, cotton, silk, half silk and many more.

Jamdani saree price in dhaka

There are many shops where one will find lowest jamdani saree price in dhaka. In urban areas of Dhaka hawkers market is a great source of reasonable price of jamdani saree with great collection. Here the price range starts from 2000 tk to 30000 tk considering quality of saree and design. But in this shops one will have to bargain to buy sarees at reasonable price. Here one can get dhakai, tangail and in some cases indian jamdani sarees also. Another renowned market in Dhaka for best jamdani collections is Mirpur benaroshi polli.

Many private patronages are coming forward to save this traditional asset of Bangladesh. In private advocacy jamdani sarees are getting weaved for export and local trade. Among them there is another factory established by Meghna village group. Here the price of jamdani sarees will range from 4000 tk to 12000 tk considering the rich design and color.

If you want to buy jamdani saree at best reasonable price then Narayangang will be the best option, as areas like Rupshi and Kazipara are two famous places for jamdani saree weaving. The weaved jamdani sarees are sold at a local hat called “jamdani hat” that sits every Thursday around 11 pm. This is the cheapest market for buying dhakai jamdani saree in Bangladesh.

Jamdani saree price in dhaka

Image source: Daily star

To be more precise, the price of jamdani saree becomes so high due to the interruption of the middleman. Buyers who buy jamdani sarees from the weavers sell the sarees at double price to the shopping malls and the ultimate consumers of the saree has to pay triple of the real price. As a result, the weavers and the ultimate consumers are at loss. To avoid this scenario a jamdani polli had been established near Dhaka. Besides this, private organizations and universities like Radiant Institute of design, Santo Mariam university, NID and many other creative organizations are contributing to the development of jamdani saree industry.

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